Friday, January 14, 2011

Green Hornet: Good movie, needs a sequel

Caught a showing of the Green Hornet today. As there seemed to be no real point to the 3D version of the movie to justify the increased cost, I chose to see the 2D version. Having now seen the film, I cannot think it would be much improved by having any part of it in 3D.

Very humorous. I quite liked seeing a masked vigilante character story that embedded so much humor, as well as having a good bit of darkness as well. A very quirky movie, but one well worth seeing IMO.

The villain in this movie was very interesting, well portrayed by Christoph Waltz. Not my favorite type of villain mind you, but the oddness of the character fit the overall theme of the movie very nicely. If there is a sequel any villain should be either just as quirky as this fellow (or more) or, to contrast with the heroes better, more straight-laced.

Lovely action sequences. Jay Chou handled his parts well, seems like a good actor. I have not seen any of his other movies (been a bit lax on imported cinema of late) but I would like to see him in some more roles. Performs well as the strong quiet type.

Good buddy picture, fun to watch. I may see it again if I can convince a few folks I know to go see it.