Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Games I Want to See: CthulhuTech!

While re-reading my copy of the CthulhuTech Core Book (for the Pencil & Paper RPG system) I suddenly realized there is a serious lack of PC (or console) games that fit this specific genera. Quite a number of possible game types could be crafted from this source material.

CthulhuTech meets XCOM

No, I don't mean the FPS that is coming out in the near future. Instead imagine a CthulhuTech game based on some of the same principles of the X-COM series of games. By default such a game would start off around the time everything starts going to hell on Earth. The player would take the role of the founder of a special group, trying to understand the threats posed and to research defenses. I am sure something along these lines would not be that hard to accomplish in theory.

CthulhuTech the FPS

There is also a lot of potential available I think for a more action-oriented CthulhuTech game. Perhaps the character could take on the role of a Tager or some other form of specially enhanced operative. Alas there are not too many games already on the market to compare with with a similar concept. The Darkness comes somewhat close in theory.

CthulhuTech the MMO

Do want. Not sure the fan base is really there though. Building a CthulhuTech MMO that incorporated the Engels and such could be difficult. Hard to say how well The Secret World will fill this particular niche though.

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