Thursday, December 1, 2011

Saints Row 3: Gripe(s) about Missing Content

Greetings all, an avid fan of the Saints Row series of games here.

This is not a review of Saints Row: The Third. A brief review from me for that game could be summed up as: Very Good. Rather this little blog entry is a summation of a few of my complaints about the game. In specific what I felt was missing from Saints Row: The Third that really should have been there.

There are just a sampling of my (as of this writing) gripes about perceived missing content. The game was fun as heck, but felt like about 1/3rd of the total content was left out at some point.

Car Dealerships: Absolutely missing. I explored every inch of Steelport and could not find one. Of course by Carjacking one can acquire all of the vehicles in the game. However I rather liked the dealerships from the first two games that were set in Stillwater. A handy way to add a car directly to your garage in the first two games.

Morning Star Tower: If you decide to keep Morning Star Tower instead of blowing it up... you never see it again during the course of play. Sure it is still there on the game map, but cannot be entered, used as a crib/stronghold, etc. It felt really bizarre that this option to keep the building did not have any content tied into it after the fact

 Johnny Gat: Seriously. Major characters should never be killed off screen as (apparently) was done in this game. The Zombie Homie version of him that you can get at the end of the game is really... unsatisfying. In my opinion the game really could have used a good bit more of this character towards the later stages of the game in some way. Bah humbug.

Bizzare Missions: Sure the Genki missions are fun and all. Whacking Mascots can also be a lot of fun out on the street, especially when an incident occurs at Let's Pretend. However I felt there could have been a few more mission types around in the game; things on par with the Septic Avender content from the 2nd game in the series. Where was the mission that required the use of The Penetrator?