Monday, March 7, 2011

Dawn of War 2: Retribution & Dwarf Fortress 0.31.21

Received my copy of Retribution a few days back, finally had some good time (and the inclination) to give the campaign mode a whirl last night. I was actually surprised to see that the tutorial for Retribution had a plot. Nice feature that.

For my first campaign playthrough, I decided to give the Tyranids a whirl. As I expected their campaign mode is  a bit light on story, but very very fun. Interesting to only deal with a single hero character thus far. It will definitely be interesting to play the other campaigns that are more 'normal' to see, after the fact, just how different this one is by comparison.

Even though DF .20 released a few days back, I didn't get a chance to download it and give it a try till I saw that a .21 version was released later the same day. Going to be giving that a shot soon. Not sure I will keep a log of my playthrough like I attempted last time, mostly concerned (at first) with seeing how stable it is, trying to see if there are any bugs I can find to report and such.

In terms of actually playing DF, I have been having some fun with modding in v.18. Not much to write a out really, just tinkering with custom workshops and reactions. I wonder what big bugs will be tackled next? It would be very cool IMO if the problem with stacks of bone, shell and the like could get addressed. After all, would it not be fun to build a fortress out of the bones (and skulls) of ones enemies? Khorne would be proud.