Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer: A Biased Review

As should be expected, my little review here of The Lincoln Lawyer will be horribly and terribly biased. Also, beware of spoilers. If you are looking for the short and sweet review, it is: It's awesome, go see it.

Now then, the trailers for this movie really did a poor job of showing how well put together the story was. Sure one went into the theater expecting a drama with some suspense, but I was greatly surprised at the quality of the story and the method of delivery. Alas the trailers also had some of the usual wonderful lie-factor in them, showing off scenes that would never make the actual cut of the movie.

Personally I think that should be a crime. You show off segments of a movie to draw folk in and then those scenes never manifest in the final product. Frustrating.

There are a few good twists in the movie, such as when the involvement of the antagonists mother starts to become apparent. A really twisted family, it makes me wonder how long folk have been covering up for the kid. To be blunt: The guy is guilty as hell and deserves whatever horrible things happen to him. Remember that bit about being biased? I love to see a really evil sicko villain get what's coming to them.

Sure in some movies I cheer for the villain, but some things just don't fit between the pages of my "acceptable evils" book. Murder? Fine and dandy for a villain, as long as there is a point to it. Not fond of serial killer characters who don't have any real good motive behind their crimes beyond the driving urge to do them. Dull. This guy is certainly no Hannibal Lecter of course.

As a rule it is never wise to pick a fight with someone who can bring more pain to the yard than you could ever hope to achieve. I sure as heck would love to be able to call in a biker gang to wail on some freak if there was a pressing need.

Good story. Good plot. Wonderful pacing. The main character is one of those sleazeballs you just have to love. Special effects? Heh, not sure there were many beyond the FX for gunshots, makeup and such. Didn't need much sprucing up. Good cinematography of course (and sound/music selection for the scenes as well). Pay attention to the lyrics of the songs that play in the movie, it is often very appropriate... a nice feature there IMO.

If the Academy and other critics can remember this move come the end of the year, it should definitely get some nominations.