Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monsters (2010): Needed more Giant Monsters

Last year I was disappointed when the film Monsters did not come out in local theaters. Now that I have finally seen it, I am very glad I did not waste full theater ticket price on this piece of tripe. At best this movie should have been billed as a touching love story of misunderstood giant monsters who just happen to be on the same planet as some pesky little humans. Tragic.

I cannot honestly recommend this movie to anyone. Given the subject matter of this film, I was shocked and appalled at the sheer banality of it. Frankly while there were one or two exciting bits, I found myself bored by the movie for the most part. I think it rather shocking thus that Gareth Edwards has been tapped to work on the new Godzilla movie.

Poor acting. Lovely scenery. Needed more giant monsters and less 'human interest story' bullcrap. One of the worst bits (from my perspective) is just how insignificant these giant monsters were. If the people of the world had really wanted to get rid of them, there would never have been this movie. Conventional weapons can hurt and kill them, they are spreading and threaten to eventually displace humanity... sounds like it is time for nuclear bombardment.