Friday, April 22, 2011

The Warring States (Zhan Guo): A Classic Tragedy

It seems that many of the great Chinese epics, at least those that have been converted into movie form (and thus that I have seen) are all tragedies of one sort or another. Zhan Guo, The Warring States, is no exception to this of course. Caught a showing of it recently when it finally opened in my area. All in all it is a very good, bittersweet historical novel.

Alas I cannot attest to the historical accuracy of this piece not being much of a student of Chinese history. However I found the movie to be very gripping. Some of the first part were a bit disjointed in my opinion, but after the first fifteen minutes or so the sweep of events and characters really pulled me in. I highly recommend this movie. If the trailer makes it look interesting, you may very well enjoy seeing it.