Monday, June 13, 2011

Mojang/Minecraft Support Fail: Can't change E-Mail Address

Hello world.

Todays blog post is one created while rather upset. I have needed to change the email address associated with my Minecraft account for over a year. Repeated attempts to contact support have failed. The recent update to their support page indicates that they do not allow users to change their email accounts for their own protection.

If one selects the option: Account -> Email ->  I want to change the email address I am using for my account.

The answer you get is: "We apologize but we do not currently support this action, for your protection."

This is a rather terrible problem. I honestly cannot believe I am the only person who has this problem either. As I no longer have any way to access the email account I used for registration, it would be rather easy for someone (assuming they had the proper other credentials) compromise my Minecraft account.

Annoying, neh? This is a hideous support failure and entirely unacceptable.

What makes the problem much worse in my opinion, is that I have been trying to get this matter addressed for approximately a year, with no resolution for the matter. I have e-mailed folk at Mojang, utilized the new support feature on the page, posted tweets to Notch directly about this problem and even attempted to utilize the Get Satisfaction site they setup as well.

Here is an example of an outstanding issue here, reported on that site about six months ago: click me

If you search on this topic on that site (click me) you will see quite a number of support topics about this problem.

Color me crazy if you must, but I think handling account-related problems such as this is just as important as updates to the game itself.