Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon pre-show expectations

Over time I have actually come to rather enjoy the recent Transformers movies in their own right, instead of continually comparing them to their predecessors. As such I am greatly anticipating catching a showing of Dark of the Moon sometime tomorrow.

Yes I know that the movie technically starts today, with 8pm showtimes in various theaters. However I refuse to go and see a 3D movie without a darn good reason. Why? I hate wearing the 3D glasses, they are incredibly uncomfortable on my head, and difficult to wear over my normal glasses. I also greatly dislike playing 4$+ per ticket extra just because a movie is in 3D.

Thus I will be seeing the movie tomorrow sometime in the afternoon on a more normal (digital) screen.

I expect the movie to have wonderful special effects and I am really hoping it has very little shaky cam. Seriously, shaky-cam needs to die. Unless this movie is meant to end the continuity, I expect Megatron to be killed. However I am also prepared in the event the movie ends with a "to be continued" and the Deceptions rule the day.

Not too long now till we will know for sure.