Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Banished: Markets and Education

Amusingly enough, just as I was submitting my previous blog entry, a new video for Banished was released on YouTube. Watch it below.

Personally I find the education system being employed in Banished to be very interesting. A more well-educated workforce being more productive (and presumably less wasteful) to allow for larger settlements. Very sensible way to handle it as well, as a form of education over time. Like everything else in the game, educating your populace to a desirable level will take time and, possibly, many generations to get to an ideal level perhaps. Very fun.

The functioning of the marketplace is also quite interesting. Taking the discrete resources from different parts of the settlement and making a wider selection more commonly available? This is an attention to detail that I wish more games had at times.

Very fond of the ability to pause construction as well. Should come in handy.

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