Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CthulhuTech the Movie: Pacific Rim

Greetings all.

Longtime fan of the Cthonian Mythos as originally penned by H.P. Lovecraft and extended by innumerous other authors. It was a damn shame that the Mountains of Madness Movie was canceled and all of the other Cthonian movies (of which there are many good ones) have all been B-films and fan projects.

I have also long enjoyed Cthulhu-inspired gaming, from the old staple of Call of Cthulhu to things like Cthulhu dor d20/D&D and so forth. A number of years ago I came across a rather lovely game system & setting known as CthulhuTech. Check it out, it's awesome. Fans of Guyver should also be rather happy with the Taggers and other entities as well I would imagine.

In any event, you can imagine my surprise and interest when Pacific Rim was announced a while back. Naturally I immediately thought of CthulhuTech and I do wonder if anyone involved in dreaming up and producing the movie was aware of the game. It's not a far cry to imagine the Jaegers as prototype Engles; and that despite how horrible things have become in Pacific Rim (according to the trailers) that the worse horrors have yet to arrive.

Personally I hope the movie does well; and unless the threat is entirely eliminated in the scope of the movie, that the universe established is not left to rot.

IMNSHO the world needs more Cthulhu-inspired movies and games that are handled as well as I hope Pacific Rim is (and that I know CthulhuTech has been). Nuff said.