Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hot Sauce Review: Sriracha from Huy Fong Foods

Greetings all.

No, not a paid advertisement, just a little post about something very delicious. As a lover of spicy food (and sauces to make food better) I have been a user of this brand for quite a while. I do believe I first discovered it thanks to an awesome local Chinese buffet, and have been hooked ever since.

Some hot sauces, to my own tongue, do not really have a discernible flavor beyond the burn. Sure hot can be good, but not at the expense of taste. An ideal hot sauce is one that combines a high heat factor, with a good mouth feel and flavor. I must thus commend the folk at Huy Fong Foods for a good recipe and, more importantly, a quality that has sustained itself over years.

One bottle of hot sauce can be good, but it is even better when the level of quality of the product can endure for many long years.

Outside of restaurants, I have made use of Sriracha in cooking (as an ingredient) as well as an additive right at the table. It goes well with noodles and rice (of many sorts) and mixes well with Chinese, Japanese, Indian and other cuisines as well. Many a cheap microwavable oriental-flavored meal has been saved from mediocrity by a squirt of this red-deliciousness.

Don't expect a numerical rating of this product, as I do not tend towards those sorts of arbitrary numerical reviews. This stuff is good, try a bottle. If they stopped selling it in my area, I would be horrified. I like it, you may not, consider yourself warned as it can be very hot if applied in abundance.

Enjoy the burn.