Friday, July 8, 2011

Ironclad: Seven Samurai meets Mount & Blade

Caught a showing of Ironclad today. A very good movie, however I can see why it was not opened in wide release. The appeal for this film is rather narrow, but I really hope it can make up its production costs sooner rather than later. It was a good, enjoyable historical fiction kill-fest.

It could have done without the shakey-cam though. Seriously, this filming technique needs to die a slow painful death. Every time I see it over-used in a film like this, I hate how popular it got due to films like Blair Witch. Even my beloved Lord of the Rings movies suffered from the use of this technique a bit... but I digress.

Someone has read their Seven Samurai. Even if it was not an intentional homage, it was well enough done. Also being an avid fan of the Mount & Blade series of games, I really enjoyed the combat & castle sieging elements. A shame that game series does not natively support siege weaponry or castle destruction better. I would love to see a MMO do this kind of stuff well.

Good movie. If you like what you see in the official trailers for it you will likely enjoy this.