Friday, July 22, 2011

Lords of Uberdark Update #1: Dwarf Types, Airships & Gore

Click here for the link to the update on the Kickstarter page.

In this first update for Lords of Uberdark, Arron Bishop explains the purpose behind some of the Dwarf sketches we have seen on the official site. Apparently these little dudes are representations of some potential classes in-game, things like Archers, Masons, Mechanics, Blacksmiths and Sailors. As the update is a little vague, it is hard to determine whether these are meant to be player classes, or various types of helpful NPCs.

Personally I hope it is the second of those two possibilities. Helper NPCs would be a lot of fun IMO for both single-player as well as multiplayer. I guess it really depends how populated and large the world is meant to be.

Airships. As a longtime fan of Spelljammer, Skies of Arcadia and other similar games, this is a feature I do want to see. Hopefully when (if) it is implemented it will be done well. I wonder how large ships will be as well. Vessels capable of holding multiple NPCs as well as players would be ideal.

Anyways there is still a lot unknown about this game, as well as a lot of development yet to do. Hopefully the project will be able to make the Kickstarter goal so that Aaron Bishop will be able to dedicate some good time to it sooner rather than later. Support independent developers!

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