Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lords of Uberdark: 11 days and $14,805 to go

Despite the excitement some folks (myself included) had at seeing the tech-demo for Lords of Uberdark, it looks like this project may not meet its Kickstarter goal. With only eleven days left, only about 1/4th the necessary funds have been collected.

If the goal is met, the development of the game will be (you guessed it) Kickstarted. Anyone who pledges at least $10 will receive a registered copy of the game. As of this blog entry 1481 more people would have to pledge $10 each to meet the goal.

If the goal is not met, it does not mean that development would cease. However if the $20,000.00 project goal is not met, development is likely to be extended and take longer. Why? Independant developers, unless they have a success or two under their belt already, have to work at a normal job while tinkering away at projects like these.

In Aaron Bishop's own words: "Funding will help me to spend less time on work-work and more time on game-work, which will translate into a quicker release and better end product."

Check it out: