Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens: Only $40 Millsion?!

I caught a showing of Cowboys & Aliens on the Friday it opened. It was a very well done movie all in all. In truth it felt like an old school western, right up until the point the aliens started making their grand appearances. While the movie is not the best movie of the year by a longshot, it is a very well-crafted piece of entertainment.

Don't get me wrong, there are some complaints I do have with the movie. In particular I found that the battle scene between the two sides towards the end of the movie could have been edited a little better. The conflict between the Cowboys, Indians and Aliens in that part of the movie was one of the low points of the film in my opinion. The pacing and flow of the movie really broke up here, especially as the action kept getting split between these scenes and the actions in the cave.

In any event I am really surprised the movie has only reached the 40 million mark. I do wonder if it is a case of there being too many other good movies already being out. Certainly I know of some folk who would rather have seen Transformers or Captain America a second time than catch a showing of this particular film.

Ahh well. I hope it does a bit better over time so it can recoup its production budget at least.