Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Death Knell of Warhammer Online

WAR is shutting down two more of its US/NA servers shortly, transferring any remaining characters to one of the last two servers in that region. Just two servers left... how far WAR has fallen, neh? I really do feel a bit sorry for those folk who have actually enjoyed playing WAR as it has existed... especially having to suffer through so many server transfers, one after another. Some folks have lost their chosen character names repeatedly... not fun I imagine.

This recent news does make me wonder when, if ever, the plug will be pulled on this project. Is the game even making enough money to sustain the servers that will be left running? Hard to say, such figures are not typically available to the public at large. It is a real shame that much of the promise of WAR was never realized; much of it cut and left on the development floor never to see the light of day.

My biggest longterm grievance with WAR is the removal and cessation of development of the other four racial capital cities. Without those the war effort in WAR was changed dramatically from three independent warfronts to a single warfront. This caused a lot of problems, with folk hopping from one racial pairing to another (leaving no thought of fort & keep defense) to sack undefended areas. It also lead to massive congestion at the Tier 4 end-zone fortresses as well.

If the other capitals had been implemented as originally designed, these problems may have never existed. Combining them together as they did certainly did lead to players clustering together more, which caused massive problems of course. The game was designed from the beginning to have people more spread out... so I really must wonder at the sheer stupidity to make such a sweeping design decision and to not have gone back and re-worked the other aspects of the game that were so dependent upon this facet.

As I doubt any kind of funding exists to re-built WAR to fix all the varied problems. Heck, folk are still complaining about PQ's that are horribly bugged... that were reported as problems back in Beta!

WAR is dead. May Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online not suffer the same fate.