Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spearwaved Early Summer

Summer has recently arrived on the map. Not as much has been accomplished as I would have liked, but I tend to favor more ordered construction efforts whenever possible. Alas this means my farming industry has not been setup yet, but the space for the farms is getting close to being constructed. Underground caves that will become coated with mud when I tap into the river running through the site.

Luckily my site has not been attacked yet, but I am sure I will win no love from the elves with how many trees I have cut down to make room for the surface fortifications. The first floor of the inner keep is almost finished, only needing a few doors to make it secure.

The proper first workshop and living area is coming along nicely, thanks to the limestone layers that exist below the embark site. A space for the dining hall has been finished (and kitchens & food supplies) as well as some areas for workshops. No living quarters yet, as the fortifications and farming levels are more of a priority.

My two fisher dwarves are doing a good business catching turtles and other water creatures. I have not been forced, yet, to slaughter any animals for meat. Booze supplies are fair so far and I am hoping I can get some stills up and running before this becomes a sober fortress.