Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spearwaved Early Winter

Alas I neglected the Autumn update. Winter has come and with it the merchants from the mountain home. Building has been much slower than I had originally planned, but I am more than willing to see my dwarves a bit inconvenienced to achieve perfection.

I have built a few bee hives around the foot and am looking forward to adding some more so I can have a sustainable mead industry. The construction of the irrigation and farming zones is almost complete as well. Next time I start a fort from scratch I think I may opt for some temporary farmlands to provide some minimal harvests till larger scale farming operations are possible.

As there seems to be the occasional herd of elephants wandering about the map, I have contemplated re-purposing a few dwarves to engage in hunting. The area seems to have sufficient wildlife for a meat industry, especially if I could capture some animals in cages for breeding purposes.